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Homeassistant – change IP address in CLI – nmcli

I am using now for more than 1 year Homeassistant, installed on a RasberryPi, to manage all the smart devices in my home in a unique platform instead of using each device application. …and not only on my home. Recently I implemented this solution in the new DataCenter of my…

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ISPConfig3 – Postfix Improvement

I am using ISPConfig for years now. It is a good management software for hosting servers. Not as good and stuffy as CPanel, but it will do the job. Because we don’t have MailScanner out-of-box in ISPConfig and because I don’t want to configure it manually for all the websites,…

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Fun with Linux Terminal

Linux terminal doesn’t need to be boring. There are some things that you can do just for fun. 1. Change the PS1 root@ionutd:~# export PS1=” ” 2. The “sl” command Many linux guys, in a fast typing fever, are writing sl instead of ls Install the sl package from…

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RaspberryPi – USB SSD boot – howto and troubleshooting

By default, the latest versions of bootloaders for RaspeberryPi 4 can boot directly on USB without a presence of a SDCard. You can just “burn” the image on the USB external storage and boot it up. The thing is that it is booting without any problems on HDD but it…

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init 0 init 1 init 2 init 3 init 4 init 5 init 6

În linux sunt 8 “runlevels” sau în romgliș, inituri. Fără prea multe introduceri, here they are: init 0 – shutdown (acceseaza /etc/rc0.d/* scripts și halt) init 1 – single user mode sau emergency mode – fără network, fără multitasking init 2 – fără network, cu multitasking init 3 – cu…

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RaspberryPi – how to increase SWAP size

By default the raspberry pi comes with just 100mb of SWAP size, which in some cases is a little to small. In order to increase it, or change it, just follow the next steps. 1. Stop de SWAP: sudo dphys-swapfile swapoff 2. Change the size with the desired one by…

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How to add custom font to WordPress

Upload via ftp the *.ttf font to a location on server, for example /var/www/website/wp-content/themes/fonts/ Once the file is uploaded add to the stylesheet (style.css) the following: @font-face { font-family: Custom Font; src: url(; font-weight: normal/italic/bold; } Call it where needed: .h1 site-title { font-family: “Custom Font”, Arial; }

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Google graveyard

Cineva a făcut o listă cu toate proiectele închise ale Google. O aveți aici.

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Sneak peak – Galaxy S11

Băieții de la letsgodigital au conceput un posibil design al viitorului Samsung Galaxy S11, unul interesant, curbat. Mie îmi amintește de Galaxy S3 cumva. Personal, mi-aș dori un asemenea design. Trecând peste aspectul design-ului, pe la colțuri de internet se mai vorbește de o cameră noua, nu cea din 2016…

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Samsung phone codes

IMEI NUMBER: *#06# SMS INFO: *#9998*746# TEST MODE:*#0*# SOFTWARE INFORMATION: *#1234# DIAGNOSTIC: *#*#4636#*#* HELP MENU: *#9998*4357# JAVA MENU: *#9998*5282# MEMORY STATUS: *#9998*636# FACTORY RESET: *#*#7780#*#* GPS TEST: *#*#1472365#*#* BATERY CODE: *#0228# AUDIO TEST: *#0673# SERVICE MENU: *#0011# VIEW PHONE LOOK STATUS: *#7465625#

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