Fun with Linux Terminal

Linux terminal doesn’t need to be boring. There are some things that you can do just for fun.

1. Change the PS1

root@ionutd:~# export PS1=" "

2. The “sl” command

Many linux guys, in a fast typing fever, are writing sl instead of ls

Install the sl package from your distro and run the command with the same name. sl stands for steam locomotive.

apt-get install sl

3. cmatrix screensaver

Are you fan of Matrix movie? There is something for you

apt-get install cmatrix




4. espeak

Do you remember Stephen Hawking? Well, you can make your terminal speak like him.

apt-get install epeask speak "Hello world! How are you?"


5. toilet

If you need a terminal text to use it as MOTD for example, toilet is a small tool which can do that. Use the help to change font/size/spacing/etc

apt-get install toilet



Author: ionut_d

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